Hi there.

Michelle has been designing and creating in order to help clients reach the full potential of their brand for 17+ years.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in communications, she landed a position with an Austin-based non-profit and served there three years developing culturally-relevant marketing materials.

She continued to sharpen her design skills under the mentorship of a well-established and successful Austin-based freelance graphic designer, to which she owes most of her technical training.

In 2004, Michelle founded her own graphic design company, I LIVE TO CREATE, and continues to successfully partner with clients helping them reach the full potential of their brand by creating visually appealing graphics.

After a decade in Portland, Oregon, her family currently resides in Fort Worth. In her spare time, she loves going to art museums with her husband, spending time in nature with her family, and busting a move with her two kids.

Nature is her muse. She finds color palettes in Texas sunsets and in Pacific Northwest ferns. Ultimately, she truly lives to create.

She can’t wait to connect with you!